My recipe for building a mental model… Food for Thought:



  1. Perpetual curiosity for how it all works
  2. A rational optimism
  3. a challenging nature
  4. An open mind
  5. A focus on the why
  6. An appreciation of the scientific method
  7. A passion for research
  8. An understanding of how technology drives evolution
  9. A knack for pattern recognition
  10. An unemotional mind
  11. Knowing that understanding > being right
  12. A touch of dyslexia



  1. Start with a young kid, preferably free range and born to eclectic parents.
  2. Now it’s time to marinate.  I highly recommend growing up as a white minority in a low income neighborhood, in a major city.  It might toughen the meat up a bit but the flavor profile will be highly unique.  Slowly mix in all ingredients, should take about 17 years.
  3.   Now it’s time to take the kid out of the marinade and throw him into a small town university for 2 years.  After 2 years, it’ll seem like very little has happened – but only because very little has happened.
  4. Now be careful taking them out before they’re done as they might be prone to fall in with the wrong food group.  If that happens, just have dad give them the old, ‘you’re just not smart enough for college’ speech.
  5. Now that they’re back in university, you’ll see everything progress in a much more focused manner and the aromas of commerce and psychology should be quite strong.
  6. When done, be sure not to let it rest as it’s going straight into the corporate meat grinder.
  7.  After about 7 years, the kid will be so disenfranchised by inefficient policy and procedure that they’ll be consumed with how things actually should work.
  8. Season to taste… I tend to enjoy a dash of green herb.



  1. Not everyone will love the meal and that’s ok.  Some people have different tastes while others aren’t even hungry.  The goal isn’t to bring everyone to the table, it’s simply to bring enough like-minded people to the table for some great conversation.
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